Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Texting, emojis and dating, oh my

Hi friends,
I read this funny NYT article about texting and styles. What's yours?

As a corporate communicator, I have two distinct styles of writing. Professional and fun.

Those who know me, know that I'm the queen of the emoji (mostly to my girlfriends). My favorites include the kissy face, the muscle arm and well, the wine icon. If you haven't checked out Crazy Jewish Mom on IG, do it now. The mom just learned how to use emojis. It's pretty funny.

On the other side of this, my colleagues (past and present) know about my dislike for exclamation points in emails to 35,000 employees. And I think everyone knows that I fall in love with men who use there, their and they're / your and you're correctly. It’s the little things sometimes.

And obvi with texting comes the shortened words. Do you use some of these acronyms?

I’ve never seen most of them but will probably start to use ELOL immediately along with TPS. My dad tends to make up his own texting acronyms. Dads. SMH.

I also spotted HuffPo’s article on text etiquette as we live in the days of digital dating. Check out the dos and donts as written by each gender.

Anyway, happy texting and maybe phone home every once in a while.