Monday, June 3, 2013

British Invasion.

'ello, friends.

Last week, my friend Lisa and I went to a newer spot in our neighborhood - The Victoria Freehouse. It's a British gastropub that opened about two months old on Front Street, just south of Market in Old City. I'm kind of surprised it took me that long to check it out...considering I drive a Mini Cooper (Mini Coopa if you're from the U.K.) and have a slight obsession with the Union Jack.

The pub, or freehouse, is handsome, dark and cozy and the bartenders we met were extremely helpful and chatty.

We chatted with our bartender friend, Dave, who made us a delicious Bramble cocktail, that contains gin and blackberries, on Lisa's recommendation. It was lovely. Pouring our drinks whilst speaking with a British accent would have made the experience complete given my love of all things English. Who doesn't adore a British accent?

Then we switched over to beer. I chose the Russian Imperial stout because it was a rainy day, I love dark beer and it because was brewed for Catherine the Great in the 1700s.

Since we were just looking to grab a quick bite and because I love a good curry, we went for the tikka pizza (amazing, I'm craving it right now) and the curried cheese chips.

Both were great. The pizza was my favorite and I'll probably get one later this week because it was a surprisingly yet perfect combination of curry-coated cheese. The chips were thick-cut fries covered with cheese and swimming in a curry sauce. My only wish was for a tiny bit more cheese on the chips - one can never have too much cheese on fries.


Another solid reason why The Freehouse is a solid spot: this guy! Who doesn't love a British card-holding fox? I can hear him quip away in his British accent now.

...and even the baby pint glasses boast a British-inspired crown which I think is brilliant. All the more reason to go ahead and have one more tiny glass of a beer. You know you don't want to go home anyway!

And timely for Philadelphia Beer Week, the Freehouse having events for Beer Week.

If you fancy a good British pub, head to The Freehouse, sit at the bar, chat with Dave, and order the tikka pizza! I'm going to go back and try out the rest of the menu - namely the welsh rarebit (because it reminds me of something my grandmother used to eat), the fish and chips and the sticky toffee pudding! Cheerio!

Your friend,

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