Sunday, June 16, 2013

Golf-swinging Sunday.

Hi friends,
I had some errands in Rittenhouse (at the Apple Store) and decided to run to Reading Terminal and meander back to Old City. I took Arch, lucky for me, and happened to see this...when I believe I also heard angels singing and saw unicorns.

This glorious site is The Cow and the Curd! AKA The Cheese Curd Truck that has eluded me for some time now for some reason or another because they roam from spot to spot selling this fried goodness.

Being a fan of cheese and food out of trucks, I ordered a small batch of freshly-made cheese curds for $6.50 with a side of sriracha mayonnaise.

About a half a dozen other trucks are there including a cupcake truck.

Why are the food trucks lining Arch Street, you ask? Because of a PGA-sponsored event of course! And it's even complete with a big-screen TV televising the U.S.Open, that's currently happening minutes outside of Philadelphia. There are even bleachers with fancy outdoor furniture with a rose centerpiece. The backdrop to this viewing station is the Visitor's Center, between The National Constitution Center and the Liberty Bell.

 What a pretty way to watch golf.

See....I wasn't kidding about a rose centerpiece. But, let's be honest here, the main attraction is, cheese curds withstanding, all of the plaid-shorts-wearing men. Delaney and I are heading back now to make new friends, I mean, pretend to be interested in watching golf.

One added item: there are putting greens and picnic tables for you to go and hang out with your dad, should you happen to be wandering around this part of the city on this Father's Day. Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

Your friend,

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