Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lazy, coffee-filled mornings.

Good morning, friends. I'm sitting outside right now on what I consider to be the best patio in the city. It's just before 8 a.m. on this lovely, breezy (for now), Saturday morning. It's not too hot (for now). I have my coffee (brewed from Old City Coffee beans) sitting on the arm of my Adirondack chair. Delaney is at my feet (for now) until the wind blows and she has to investigate.
I started to think about my visit to Ultimo Coffee a few weeks ago. They receive a great deal of positive press for unbelievable coffee and just opened a new location in Graduate Hospital, a bit south of Rittenhouse in Center City, Philadelphia.

I kinda love their logo...and it's painted on an old window frame.

I went to Ultimo the other day, by happenstance, as we were in the midst of a marathon house-hunting day and needed to refuel.

I was personally psyched because I have been wanting to check them out and was happy to have spotted the Grad Hospital location. I still want to check out the original location at 15th and Mifflin, one day.

The coffee shop is light and airy, with plenty of patrons drinking their coffee and reading at tables. I am pretty sure my friend Adrienne and I will plan a day in which we will sit there all day long.

Here is their menu. I opted for a double cappuccino.

....their espresso maker.

...and the finished product.


Here is the best part - the pallet planter just hanging out on the sidewalk. 

When on that side of Broad, my allegiance is still with La Colombe at 19th and Walnut, but I will certainly return to Ultimo. 

On this side of Broad, I choose to become caffeinated at Old City Coffee and Cafe Ole. If you go to Cafe Ole, order a dirty vanilla chai. You'll become slightly addicted, I apologize in advance.

So friends, I hope you are enjoying a lovely, lazy, coffee-drinking Saturday morning, too.

Your friend, Caroline.

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  1. Too bad I'm a tea drinker...or you might convince me to go over to the dark side :)