Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bainbridge Barrel House.

Hi friends,

The other night, my friend Kevin and I checked out the Bainbridge Street Barrel House at 6th and Bainbridge. 

We pushed through a decent-sized crowd and found two spots at the bar. After opening the 20-page beer menu (that is only a slight exaggeration) we met our new friend, Jordan, on the other side of the bar. We spent a lot of time with Jordan, who made it his personal mission to find me a beer out of the approximately 1,000 they offer.

See, I am not kidding about the beer menu - this page of the menu contains mostly porters and their draft menu was fairly extensive, as well. The list includes several nitro options and probably 15 drafts all that change regularly. Their food menu was interesting, too. We settled on items with a bun - the homemade veggie burger for me and the  pulled pork sandwich with fried onions for Kevin. I confess: Kevin totally had the better sandwich.

Throughout the few hours we were at the Bainbridge Street Barrel House we (mostly me) pretty much obsessed over the mason jar chandeliers that were the primary lighting for the restaurant. And the overall vibe was light and airy with a masculine hint all at the same time. White subway tile lined the bar and pretty lighting fixtures all offset the dark wood beams and bar. It's a very visually appealing location to say the least. Kevin was more interested in the door, though. (Sorry, we didn't get a picture of that...although we tried.)

I definitely want to go back to see my friend, Jordan, try a few more beers and their mac and cheese. They also used to have a falafel sandwich but no longer. Maybe by the time I go back, they will have it on the menu, again.

For reference: the Barrel House is across the street from Beau Monde and next to Bistro la Minette. I frequent the former and the latter is (and has been) on my list of places to try. Hopefully, soon!

Enjoy your Saturday!
Your friend,

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  1. love that use of mason jars, too...and what all is in their mac and cheese? I am becoming a fan...another place to try when we are in town...