Monday, April 1, 2013

The Mildred.

Hi friends,
My friend Adrienne and I went to The Mildred on Friday. It's where James used to be in Philadelphia.

We had reservations at 7 but ended up sitting at the bar to chat. The restaurant is small but intimate with the exposed brick walls warming it. And the chairs at the bar have arms - and they swivel. Double bonus.

We ordered our drinks and then a few dishes from the menu to share. If you go, get the Manhattan. Either on the rocks, or up, both are great! Apparently, it is the specialty of one of the bartenders. He was not wrong.

Here is the warm burrata on grilled potato bread with a light pesto-like sauce in between the bread and the cheese. I debated ordering this for dessert, as well. It is melt-in-your-mouth deliciously, cheesy, goodness.

We also ordered the mussels that were probably some of the best mussels I've had. They were almost Thai-curry mussels. But better. The mussels weren't soaked in the sauce but they were pretty perfect.

Our two heavier courses were comfort food at its finest. Duck confit mac and cheese with a light and butter crust on top.

And then, braised short ribs with one long strand of buttery pasta. Amazing. The short rib melted in your mouth.

And to cap off the evening, we ordered espressos. I might have had two that evening. It was along week.
I also heard the bouillabaisse is amazing as well but we didn't order it. If you get it, let me know!

Your friend,

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