Monday, April 8, 2013

Fishtown Funday.

Hi friends,
Yesterday, my friends, Devon and Anita and I wandered north of our neighborhood. Our original intent was to grab brunch, but, this plan quickly became an all-day event. Which, if you've had "brunch" with me, you know you may be in for a long and fun afternoon!

We opted for brunch at The Abbaye in Northern Liberties and then kept walking north. We wandered around and ended up in Fishtown - two neighborhoods north of where we live in Old City. This was Anita's brainchild (and I did not object) and our first stop was Fishtown Tavern.

This was a great little spot with a cool menu, fun bartenders and a neat industrial vibe. The tables lining the perimeter of the bar are installed into the wall and supported by metal piping. If you look above, you'll see the industrial fans and lights, which is a nice change of pace compared to most restaurants in Center City.

Devon and I had the $4 mimosas and Anita had the bloody Mary on our second stop on Sunday. But, we'll be back for the food, the nice beer selection and cool vibe. The bartenders, and other patrons, even helped us on our quest to find one particular bar, that seemed to elude us.

Then we walked across the street to Frankford Hall - a beer garden in the middle of Fishtown. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for al fresco dining, or beer drinking, as the case may be.

We ordered our over-sized beers, sat with new friends at communal tables where we drank said over-sized beers and then went on our merry way. Devon instituted a "one-beer-only rule" early on. We obliged. We protested. But we obliged.

We knew we were heading on our way home, sort of, but I dragged my two friends with me in search of one bar in particular that I had seen from the window of a cab and had been wanting to try. Sadly, the Handle Bar, was not open at 4 p.m. on a Sunday, but that just means we have another day in Fishtown in our future. The Handle Bar is also a biker bar, which could lead to an amazing day or evening.

Troubled by the fact that they were closed, we headed south, to go home. Sort of.

But, we walked past another gem in the city - The Druid's Keep. So we had to go in. We ordered our beers, went outside to their patio, sat on plastic chairs and wished the next day wasn't Monday. Everyone loves The Druid's Keep - how can you not love a bar with a heart spray painted on a pole outside?

Then we suddenly found ourselves at 2nd Street and we walked the mere blocks to Old City. But we noticed our favorite neighborhood bar, Race Street Cafe, had one available table outside. My suggestion: get our dogs and head over there for one final al fresco beverage. We even got to try out their new hooks specifically for our four-legged friends. Which are totally awesome, by the way.

My dog, Delaney, also enjoyed her Sunday, too. She also happens to be a regular at Race Street Cafe.

It wasn't the Sunday I planned on having, but sometimes, those are the best days.
Your friend,

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