Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Sardine Bar.

Hi friends,
Last night, I met my dear friend, Andy, who happens to also be my realtor, to see a few houses. We met early in the evening and debated grabbing a quick bite before we began house hunting, but we ended up zipping through the houses and lo and behold, ended up a mere block from American Sardine Bar.

Coincidence, fate and happenstance, it was. I had raved about the haloumi sandwich earlier in the evening, but, to our dining displeasure ASB recently updated their menu.

I opted the 21st Amendment Come Hell or High Watermelon beer on draft, which is one of my favorites right now. It is also available by the can at Race Street Cafe. The design on the can, and the rather clever name, get me every time. Andy ordered the American Sardine Ale.

Since the haloumi sandwich (yes, I've mentioned this before, it's that good) isn't on the menu right now, we asked our waiter for a recommendation. And after hearing about it, and being a bit intrigued  - we ordered the spaghetti sandwich. Why not?

And that, my friends, is the sandwich that we shared. Odd right? But surprisingly good. It is exactly what it looks like: toasted garlic bread, with provolone cheese and basil, topped with spaghetti. I'm Italian and know my bread, pasta and cheese. Since I tend to enjoy my carbs with a side of carbs, this was exactly up my alley. Sharing it was absolutely the right idea. Sharing the haloumi sandwich is never a good idea, however. And yes, you can order sardines, at ASB, of course.

We also ordered the salt and pepper fries, which are served with a dill pickle dip.

If you are looking for a good beer and sandwich (get the haloumi if you see it on the menu), check out ASB, it won't disappoint. And if you're looking for a house - my dear friend Andy is the best of the best. He is married to one of my nearest and dearest, and he's always up for a bite somewhere cool before, during or after, any of your house-hunting adventures.

Your friend,

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  1. I'll skip the sardines, but that spaghetti sandwich sounds wonderful. With all the places I want to try...I'll be staying a month the next time I come to visit :)