Thursday, May 16, 2013

Festivities this weekend. Part one.

Happy Thursday, friends.

If you're not sure what to do this weekend, or even tonight. I wanted to give you a few ideas.

On tap tonight is the season's first Night Market, where dozens of food trucks ranging from pizza, cheese curds, tamales, and pretty much anything else you can imagine including adult beverages and bands, converge onto one neighborhood. The Night Markets are a good time. My only recommendations are to go early and bring cash along with your patience. If you don't have much patience, seek out the first beer stand to help you combat the lines and the crowds. If you go, you should walk or take the bus, a subway or a cab.

My friend Pete's band, the 9's, will be on playing some of their cool hits at Fare Restaurant around 20th and Fairmount, so look for them, too!

Trucks will be parked along Fairmount Ave between 19th and 22nd Streets. If you miss this Night Market, more will be held this year in June, August and October.

On Saturday, there are two items to note, so stay tuned! One is the best festival, so it's not to be missed, the Peroni festival (formally known as the South 9th Street Italian Market Festival).

Enjoy the Night Market but look for more tips soon.

Your friend,

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