Sunday, November 2, 2014

Philadelphia mornings.

Dear Philadelphia,
I wanted to let you know, you're my favorite in the morning. I'll be specific: early in the morning, before the city wakes. The first time I remember thinking this was in 2003 on my walks to the Broad Street Line. I'd walk from 1810 Pine Street to Walnut Street. And on my six block walk, I'd watch the city slowly wake. The streets would become bustling, the stores would become full and not dark and empty, restaurants would open, commuters and cars would take over the sidewalks and streets. But on my short strolls, I was early enough to catch Rittenhouse Square's sleepy charm. I loved that I was walking in the city before it became busy and chaotic. There was something almost cathartic about it.

I've always thought you were the prettiest in the mornings for a myriad of reasons and this morning was no different. I walked my dog in the sunlight today and not the darkness, thank you Daylight Savings. We were walking around our new neighborhood at our normal time. (So much for gaining an extra hour of sleep with a puppy in the house. I know parents of small children know what I'm talking about.) But, even though it was early, our sunlit walk was a welcome change from the last few weeks when we'd walk outside at zero dark thirty, quite literally.

I will look forward to the long sunny days in a few months when I can sit outside with my friends and my dog well past 8 p.m. But, even today, on my least favorite day of the year, I thought you were still very lovely, crisp and cool. Today was a perfect fall day.

I've never been a fan of the dark nights that start in the afternoon. But until we see the sun at both ends of the day, I'll watch your gorgeous fall and winter sunsets from my office building and be content during my morning commute, that is once again, along Walnut Street -- in the daylight.

Your Friend,

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  1. How I have missed your entries...glad you are back!