Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday bash

Hi, friends!
I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and the culmination was dinner with my friends Anita and Devon at Will. Will, is a new, tiny, byo on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia that focuses on local ingredients and includes a hint of alchemy that aims to delight each of the senses.

On Sunday, February 10, Will's five-course prix fixe menu focused on lobster. Which, I found amusing (and ironic) given the name of the recent blizzard in the northeast named Nemo.

The tasting menu...

...where nothing was as it seemed, yet every bite was delightfully surprising.

I won't share all of their secrets, but here is one tidbit: the "lobster bisque" came out in a shallow bowl with three oyster shells floating on a bed of seaweed. Each oyster shell boasted a tiny round ball in the center. The waitress set it in the center of the table and poured a liquid into the bowl that was then transformed into a smoking cauldron. We each took an "oyster" and popped it into our mouths and that was when one concentrated bite of lobster bisque was revealed. It was a lovely amuse-bouche.

OK, here is another sneak peek: a few times throughout the evening, we noticed a burning smell. We thought we had figured it out - a mistake in the kitchen, maybe incense, but no, we were wrong. We only figured it out when we were given our fourth course that included a piece of bundled hay, set on fire, burning in the middle of the table. It was not something we were to eat, it merely existed to enhance the dish through our sense of smell.

We had a fun time and thought we were pretty clever. "Hay, it's your birthday," Devon joked. "Hay, that's cool," was another. We were most certainly enjoying our wine.

Two items of note: both Anita and I requested non-meat items and the chef accommodated this very nicely and gave us scallops in one dish. All the three of us were even given a surprise dish in the middle - one large tortellini with shaved truffles and shirred quail egg. The dish was earthy and creamy - I think it was the best course of the night. cap off the evening, I was presented with a candle in my dessert and my friends sang Happy Birthday. All and all, it was a perfect night with great friends. 

The five-course meal was $45 not including tip but we were given six courses. Will remains on my list of places to try still, because the next time, I'll go and order off of the regular menu merely for the pot de creme.

So friends, I hope you "will" get a chance to check out Will byob. xo

Your friend,

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  1. Will sounds delightful...we should definitely make this a destination the next time we visit! So happy your birthday dinner was a great one!