Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friends. Wine. Cheese

Hi Friends,

Do you like trying new wine, sampling new cheeses and meeting new people? Me, too. Check out the Wedge and Fig Social Club.

On Wednesday, Anita and I went to our quaint neighborhood cheese shop, armed with a bottle of red, guaranteed to pair nicely with the cheese we were about to sample.

As we walked into the tickets-only event, we were greeted with this collection of reds, handed a name tag and a glass for our wine and off we went.

Throughout the two-hour event, we sampled five cheeses from around the world and learned their unique stories just before they were presented.

In between cheese courses we had the opportunity to mingle with the other guests in attendance. I met two neighbors - one who works at The Arden Theatre and I also chatted with Kirk and Lisa, the owners of the Wedge and Fig. I can easily say I walked away with three new friends and a few new tips on where to go. 

Here is the cheese list from last night's event. I highly recommend the Epoisses Berthaut for its equally unique earthy taste and history.

Here is an idea of how the cheeses were presented by the staff during the event. Shown below is the Valdeon - a lovely bleu cheese - and bleu cheeses aren't something I seek out. But, I will be picking up some of it this weekend.

If earthy French cheeses like the Epoisses Berthaut aren't your thing, the Wedge and Wig also has a few dozen other cheeses for you to try. They also have a full menu of paninis, soups, baked goods, coffee and all of the standard cheese accoutrements you need.

And about the wine. We were encouraged to open our bottle, set it on the table with the other 30 bottles and try a communal bottle. We only briefly hesitated but after seeing everyone else reading an unfamiliar label and trying the wine - we joined in. And I'm happy we did because I found a new wine I love. This was my favorite of the evening and I hope to find it at a wine store one day, soon.

The W&F Social Club happens once a month, is held midweek and is BYO. Tickets are $10 ahead of time and $15 at the door. They change their cheese selection each month and recommend an adult beverage to bring. January's suggestion was champagne, I wonder what March will be? I may have lobbied for a dark-beer pairing. We'll see what Lisa and Kirk decide upon in a few weeks!

Even if it's red again, I'll be there and I hope to see you there.

Your friend,


  1. What a fun thing to do ....especially midweek! And to learn about new cheeses and new wines...what a bonus!!! AND make new friends!

  2. We usually visit wineries to taste new wines and cheese. It's a great way to explore the wonderfully tasteful world of wine and cheese, and it's also one way to find out which wine goes well with which cheese. Just don't forget to moderate your drinking during each party! :)