Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm dreaming...of a warm evening.

Hi friends, 
Remember those days in the summer when it was too hot to move? When it was too hot to go outside and if you did, the heat would hit you like a brick wall the instant you left the AC? Yeah, me neither.

So this evening, I thought I would find a way to warm us up - those of us who are freezing on this wintery February night.

This one reminds me of a night I was drinking a cold beer with friends, in the humidity most likely.

And this is an old favorite as these are my well-loved, mojito-making supplies. Friends actually bribe me, I mean, bring me rum, so I always have the ingredients handy to make these summery cocktails on any given night between June and September. Can't you almost taste summer, now?

We'll enjoy our mojitos as we sit in Adirondack chairs on my patio and then head upstairs to the roof of my building and see this...

again, on a warm summer night, where you cannot wait to get back into the AC. And usually we were.

And in the dogs days of dog, Delaney (the one smiling for the camera), and her canine boyfriend, Dexter, would cruise around town with the top down.

I hope this helped make you forget the icy temperatures this evening. But if not, tomorrow is National Margarita Day - so that should help you remember that summer is just around the corner.

If you're going to participate in this holiday here are some Philadelphia spots for you:

Try this place - I recommend the Grenada and just about everything on the menu.
There is this Mexican spot that has a spectacular blood orange margarita - try it on the rocks with a sugar rim.
If tacos and margs are your thing, go to this taco joint be sure to bring cash because they don't take cards. And maybe try to dress like a hipster.

I think margaritas may just be the perfect treatment for the frigid temperature, at least for a little while, or until we put down our empty glasses, put on our down coats, scarves and hats, and pray we can hail a cab as fast as humanly possible.

Stay cozy,
Your friend,

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  1. I definitely think National Margarita Day is a holiday worth celebrating! Just imagine if we got off of work for that.