Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hello, lovers, I mean friends.

Happy Valentine's Day from Philadelphia. I have a few images that demonstrate something in which I believe - that love really is all around. You can't hunt for it, it finds you - just as I stumbled upon these sights. 

I found all of these images throughout the year in Center City, except for the carnival sign below that I walked past last weekend. It was kind of hard to miss and perfect for this Valentine's Day post.

Storefront of Duross & Langel on 13th Street in midtown. I love the way the huge light bulbs look on the sign that mimics the iconic Philadelphia statue.

  From an outdoor sign in Rittenhouse.

A front stoop of a house in Society Hill. 

 Heart-shaped hinges on a door on Pine Street.

Sweet potato vines in a planter somewhere between Old City and Rittenhouse.

A heart-shaped stone on a street in my neighborhood.

From a vendor at the most recent Clover Market.

Look around wherever you roam, I bet you will find love really is all around. This must be the reason Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love.

your friend,

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